How Price Controls “work”



This March 15, 2014 will mark the 10 year Anniversary of 2nd Avenue Deli’s 50 Year Anniversary celebration. Back in 2004, they rolled back their prices back to 1954, the year they opened. Before I explain the economics of what I predicted would happen (and did), first allow me to rant about Continue reading





The theory of Six degrees of Separation does not apply to Damion Williams. He knows so many people, the theory would have to be re-named 3 Degrees of Separation. I first met Damion through a mutual friend, Chris. It was a cold December evening in ’96. Me, Jon,Chris, and Damion started the night by Continue reading


Our Wedding At Lloyd’s Baia



Below is our letter to Lloyd’s Baia in Vietri, on the Amalfi Coast.
It is written in TWO LANGUAGES (English AND Italian).
The Italian comes AFTER THE ENGLISH version.
Two photos: One at beginning of article, the other at the end.


To The Marinelli Family, Patrizia Liguori, the Maitre’ d, the Chef and the whole staff of Lloyd’s Baia,

We, Gianluca and Barbara, wish to publicly thank and praise your magnificent Hotel and Restaurant. I, Gianluca, have never in my life Continue reading


Amatriciana and Montepulciano



For most of my Life, Bucatini all’ Amatriciana was my favorite dish. Everytime I go to Rome, where this Pasta dish is King, I immediately drop my bags at the hotel (after checking for bedbugs) and go to any one of my favorite restaurants and order it. Though I eat much less Pasta than I used to,

Continue reading




Growing up in New York, when it was really New York, was one of the most intense experiences. It psychologically scars you forever and trains you to view the world skeptically. It would take a true conversion…a leap of Faith….to start off negatively and finish off in the Positive. Graffiti culture, Continue reading


Pizza Predictions I Made That Came True


My dear friends, years ago (2007-2008) I found in me the need to inform the world and clarify what there needs to be known about Pizza as it is made in its place of origin. Since I could not just stop there, I included coffee. When I introduced to the world to my website , I went into detail about 2 of the most important things Continue reading


Sometimes Selfish People Can Make Great Parents

It takes a lot to be a good parent. A mother or father would need insight, love, affection, patience, wisdom, and time (among many, many other things). Two other very important and necessary traits a parent must have are a steady nature and an ability to think mostly about the child. So why do I say “sometimes selfish people can make great parents”? Continue reading