Cracking the Chicken Parm Code…and Pizza, too !

Cracking the CHICKEN PARM Code! And, while I’m at it, pizza, too. I’m prepared to be called “crazy”, only to have my words repeated years down the road. It happens all the time to me. The History may not be correct !!!! The key difference is a term I came up with called “Thoughtful Refinement”. Watch the whole thing before possibly losing your mind lol #chickenparm #chickenparmesan #chickenparmigiana #eggplantparm #vealparm #parmigiana #parmigianadimelanzane #pizza #neapolitan #neapolitanpizza #invinoveritas #invinoveritaswinesnyc #italian #italianamerican


Say Dog, NOT God ! Children’s Machine Programmed To Refuse To Say GOD

At a Children’s Museum, a machine asks for you to put in 3 letters and, after pressing a button, it spells it out for you. If you press again, it will say the word. I chose 3 letters and spelled “God” but the machine would not say it. When I rearranged the letters to spell “dog”, it not only spelled it out, it said the word and had a barking sound to go with it. The “funny” irony of it all is that the Museum is in a former Catholic Parochial School with Crucifixes still engraved on the outside of the building. This video is NOT meant to start a vicious debate; it’s only an observation. This is why the comments will be disabled for this video.