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Piazza Life Image

I love everybody; I just don’t like everybody. I went from over-caring to defensive, only to realize that if I took the higher road and never lost sight of the bigger picture, almost all of the things that pre-occupy our lives day to day are insignificant, almost petty. I do not want to leave here until I extend my arms and embrace all that there is, good and bad. And accept it. Not judge it. And hopefully learn from it. Scorpios go through hell and live to tell it. My pain is my currency, and I am very rich.

From teaching TaeKwon-Do when I was still a child and good enough to go to the Olympics, to having multiple health problems that took that and many other dreams away, to living in foreign countries, to having authored a wine book when I was 24, to having lost so much, to having run a business since I was 18, to rocking stages, to being misunderstood, to giving speeches at Universities, to being so weak I sometimes could/can not get out of bed, my goal is to stick to my original plan of humility and gratitude.

Among many other reasons, I am humble and grateful to meet so many interesting people who teach me about Life by just existing. I never wanted to be rich just for the sake of being rich. I want to be rich so I can FOCUS better on Life and help others do the same. I said my pain is my currency, but so are my joys. So, indeed, I am a mega-trillionaire. Thank you all for being a part of my life. I want to make love to all your beautiful faces.

P.S. This is not meant to inspire Kathy Bates characters in that movie Misery to kidnap me and think I owe them something. I mentioned I was skilled in the Martial Arts for a reason.
Now, God Bless.