Sometimes Selfish People Can Make Great Parents

It takes a lot to be a good parent. A mother or father would need insight, love, affection, patience, wisdom, and time (among many, many other things). Two other very important and necessary traits a parent must have are a steady nature and an ability to think mostly about the child. So why do I say “sometimes selfish people can make great parents”? It would seem that a selfish parent is the absolute worst a child could have. But it depends on the type of selfishness.

I have seen some of the most selfish people that could ever exist have children and, like a light switch, flip around completely their immature lifestyles. Sure they love the child, but their parenting is made easier because their selfish nature allows these parents to focus on what’s important: something that comes from them. So because the child is a direct product of and link to them, it is in their best, selfish interest to raise the child well.

When a person is selfish, they can easily filter out other people and their desires. They are capable of not letting outside stress factors take over. The result is a calm and steady nature that reflects in the energy given off. The child picks up on this and grows to imitate the confidence displayed. Do you see the difference for those parents who actually do care about other people? They get bogged down with second guessing and their anxiety builds, putting their child in a stressful environment.
Sadly, I am the latter type. I would love to never have any selfishness, but instead find a peaceful state where I would be able to filter out the world and focus on loving a child healthily and effectively.


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