Amalfi Coast Lemons And Limoncello

The Amalfi Coast is the most beautiful place in the world and known for many things, especially its famous #lemons​, which have almost twice as many aromatic compounds (like terpenes) and essential oils than any other lemon. They are sweet and are eaten out of hand. In this video, I received them fresh from #italy​ via my cousin @chefgiuseppebruno from @sistinarestaurant and also @caravaggioristorante in NYC. I explain the variety, Femminello, and it’s subvarities, most importantly, the Sfusato Amalfitano and the Ovale and it’s own sub-variety, the disease-resistant Santa Teresa. I also talk about the land and the famous “flying farmers”. That famous Delizia al Limone cake from the @stanleytucci show Searching for Italy? That was my wedding cake when I got married there at the world famous @lloydsbaiahotel years ago. I plan on making Limoncello with them and cooking also. I also discuss Badia Limoncello, which we proudly sell at our store, In Vino Veritas in Manhattan, NYC @invinoveritaswinesnyc We also sell a cream version. Stop by and pick up a bottle, then head to Sistina and also Caravaggio restaurants, then book a trip to the Amalfi coast. You can thank us later. N.B. All photos are mine. #amalfi#limoni#limone#limoncello#costieraamalfitana#sorrento#campania#stanleytucci#cnn#italy#sfusatoamalfitano#santateresa#femminello#wedding#marriage#matrimonio#matrimonioallitaliana#sistinarestaurant#caravaggioristorante#giuseppebruno#icontadinivolanti#contadinivolanti#flyingfarmers


Our Wedding At Lloyd’s Baia



Below is our letter to Lloyd’s Baia in Vietri, on the Amalfi Coast.
It is written in TWO LANGUAGES (English AND Italian).
The Italian comes AFTER THE ENGLISH version.
Two photos: One at beginning of article, the other at the end.


To The Marinelli Family, Patrizia Liguori, the Maitre’ d, the Chef and the whole staff of Lloyd’s Baia,

We, Gianluca and Barbara, wish to publicly thank and praise your magnificent Hotel and Restaurant. I, Gianluca, have never in my life Continue reading