It’s Already Starting…


My theory ( which is not really a theory, but a fact ) about whenever the weather climbs up to 50 Degrees, people break out the flip flops, is always being proven right. What is the emergency? Why the rush? I’m a water sign, so I CRAVE hot weather, but a) this is not hot enough and b) since I am a water sign, I am also sensitive about what is aesthetically pleasing…and flip flops in this weather is NOT. While I am at it, flip flops in the city is pretty disgusting, no matter when the season. Your feet get dirty and you make me sick. If you live in a warm weather climate, by the water, or in a small town, where things are calm and relaxed, or are on vacation, then and ONLY then can you wear flip flops without being sent to the guillotine. There is no freedom. What did you think? America was free to begin with?????

SIDE NOTE: I noticed all the people who rush to wear flip flops when it’s still cold are like (and some actually are) those people with the very annoying ringtones, who let the phone ring forever. Ever notice whoever has the most annoying ringtone is also an annoying person who lets it ring 10 times before answering it?


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