About The Site

Piazza in Italian means “square”, an open area in a town or city where most of the inhabitants meet to mingle, share ideas, connect, gossip, people-watch, and quite simply live. It is a crucial part of life. This blog is called ” Piazza Life ” for a reason. The heart and purpose of this adventure is to bring the unique, Italian “dolce vita” that plays out every waking hour in the thousands of piazzas (piazze) across Italy to the social media, which has unfortunately taken the beautiful, human aspect out of us. Only Italians are capable of conveying that point across. But this site/blog is much, much, more than Italy or Italians. I intend to use the Italian model to extract, emphasize, and promote all that makes us humans special. This place is one where we will SHARE, BUILD, and GROW.

The most powerful, universal, and connective force in this Universe, and any others that may exist, is LOVE. It is all that matters and all that allows us to understand deeply beyond our brains’ capacities. We express ourselves and our love through our actions. These actions coming together are the essence of piazzalife.com. We are all good at at least one thing. If, guided with love, which is the all powerful source of energy in Eternity, we greet each other and open up to each other in this Piazza of Life, and learn from each other by LISTENING, who knows what next-level Good can happen?

Every Piazza has a large clock. If we check it often, we will realize time is running out, at least only for the nonsense. But, there is still time to learn, live, and love. Let’s all meet in the piazza and live out our lives. PiazzaLife.