Stale Bread And Circus

No, but seriously, why are Jay Z and Beyonce taken seriously? Why are their opinions viewed as important? They are really very mediocre talents, her much more than he. They are smart enough to play the game but dumb enough to be corporate and political tools. And yet they have lots of money and constant coverage. I remember a story Chris Rock told of how upset he was that his daughter asked about a man in the neighborhood, “If that guy is so smart, why is he not rich?”. Oddly enough, this is told by someone smart like Chris Rock who even he falls for Jay Z and Beyonce. I still wanna “be like Mike” and not whoever is the new star nowadays. I feel sorry for kids today; they have no real people with real achievements to look up to. And they couldn’t give a shit less about scientists, doctors, and charitable people. Like that stupid song a few years ago, “I wanna be a billionaire”. Yeah, no shit. Who doesn’t? Work your ass off. Little shits, there’s no “app” for that. As my intellectual father, Thomas Sowell, once wrote: “Today, they are teaching students what to think — political correctness. Instead of knowledge, students are given ‘self-esteem’, so that they can vent their ignorance with confidence.”



If you clicked on this, it may prove that ANYTHING related to sex sells, or at the very least attracts. This is how dumb we have become as a society. BUT I do wish to give a little advice. IF you are going to have sex, follow my rule: ONLY have sex with someone you would have a kid with or at the very least, someone with whom you would not mind having a kid. This way, you dramatically reduce the stress if, God forbid, there is an unexpected pregnancy. And while I do not want to get into the pro-abortion/anti-abortion arguments, at least if you did get a person pregnant to whom who you wouldn’t mind being linked, it wouldn’t be a life-damaging event.