Vagina Supply And Demand

Economics is the study or scarce resources that have alternative uses. Economics also is heavily influenced by human psychology. Human beings are sick and twisted and we want what we cannot have. Everyone would like to have a Ferrari, but 99% of us could not afford one. These cars cost tons of money and for good reasons. They are masterfully put together with the highest quality parts. The skill of engineering and physical components of a Ferrari are rare and the price reflects them. Prices pay for costs. Plus, let’s not forget, there is a certain “thing” about having a Ferrari……and that “thing” adds on another cost. It is a “thing” that not everyone can have, and Ferrari knows that. And that’s the way Ferrari wants it and would hope to keep it that way. This “hard to get” nature of Ferrari puts the car in a class of its own. Elegant. Long Term. Investment. Etc. Not everyone can get their dirty mitts on one, so the car is left pristine.

In no way am I judging a woman’s (or man’s) sex count and past, but the laws of Economics are undeniable and apply to all aspects of Life. I hope this lesson, rooted in mathematical reality, will be a reminder to women to better assess their “inventory”. Generally speaking, men are animals and need to be tamed. For centuries, it was the smart woman who had to shape up the dumb man, but with the modern reversals of natural character, men have now become timid and women incorrectly confuse “feminism” and “women’s rights” with acting “like a man”, an aggressive asshole. Hint 1: Original Feminism was NOT this and all the Feminists grounded in traditional Feminist thought would agree. Hint 2: Women, do not be like men. We are bad. Real Bad. Be Better than us.

Men will use a woman and then leave her because of boredom or because they are “sickened” by what the girl allowed the man to do with her. IT IS PURE HYPOCRISY. Women have the key and the power, but do they know it? And are they willing to play their cards correctly?

When a vagina is open for business 24/7, it gets mileage, just like a used car or Taxi. But even if someone has a Ferrari, they only put the necessary miles on it. The more “mileage” the vagina gets, the less DEMAND there will be for it and the less desirable it will be. IT IS HUMAN NATURE. It is not me saying it. Again, it is human nature. By the way, this goes the same way for the penis. This may sound cruel or harsh, but stop being a cry-baby and THINK about the undeniable truth of what you are reading. You would admit that the Ferrari analogy would apply to Caviar, right? Well, then, it should also apply to Vagina. Vagina…a word so often thrown out by some women as a way to sound “courageous”. Well, I am throwing out this economic explanation. Women, make your vagina a more desirable commodity with selected, hand-picked service. This will increase the “price” of it. And men won’t be able to pull their bullshit and use you. Trust me. You know I am right.

Side Note: I am not interested in any emotional opinion about what I wrote. If you read it carefully, I am stating an economic reality based on thousands of years of human history and psychology. And more importantly, I explained that this also applies to men. But since I value women more and know men can be cruel, I focused on what I did to get the point across. Read it again until it sticks. Then, you might not be so “offended”. You don’t need “a set of balls”. You are a woman. You are stronger than any man.


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