The Nick Stellino Dinner at Emilio’s Ballato



I get a message CC’d to me by Mike Colicchio about organizing a bunch of fellow troublemakers to honor Nick Stellino with a dinner. It was Mike’s great idea and the the job of making it happen was given to the Men Who Dine, Alan Watts and Gennaro Pecchia. The plan was to go all out. Get dressed to impress and meet on Continue reading


What Would Pope Francis Do?

What Would Pope Francis Do?


I cannot think of anything more important and pertinent than Pope Francis and his mission of Love to open up this blog ( to the World.

Pope Francis has shocked the world and silenced many who either correctly criticized the Church or too many times mocked it unnecessarily. Leading by example, he has forced even the most angry non-believers to, at the very least, open up to the idea of Christ’s message. Even more importantly, he brought to light many of the Church’s dirty laundry and politely suggests that Christians start to act more like Christ and not moral finger-waggers. Continue reading