Cracking the Chicken Parm Code…and Pizza, too !

Cracking the CHICKEN PARM Code! And, while I’m at it, pizza, too. I’m prepared to be called “crazy”, only to have my words repeated years down the road. It happens all the time to me. The History may not be correct !!!! The key difference is a term I came up with called “Thoughtful Refinement”. Watch the whole thing before possibly losing your mind lol #chickenparm #chickenparmesan #chickenparmigiana #eggplantparm #vealparm #parmigiana #parmigianadimelanzane #pizza #neapolitan #neapolitanpizza #invinoveritas #invinoveritaswinesnyc #italian #italianamerican


Custom Made Suit by Atelier Di Martino, Marinella Tie, And Custom Shirt by Camiceria TMC

PLEASE NOTE : I rarely dress this conservatively.
14 Pictures are at the end of the Article.

My uncle, Zio Peppino, is a retired Master Tailor. Born in Italy, he started working at the “Sartoria” across the tiny street from his house at age 9 !!! At 15, he came to the United States and quickly promoted his talents. Besides owning his own, successful Tailor shop in Midtown Manhattan, he was proud to have done work for Oleg Cassini and boast a list of his own, personal clients, with big names like Anthony Quinn, John Travolta, Yoko Ono, Jake La Motta, and many more. He even was Continue reading