The Quilted Jacket…and Ghost Spiders



Versatilty is very important, especialy when resources may be limited. There are many types of jackets but not all are versatile. What if you want something sporty and casual but also a little more “dressed up”? Answer : The Quilted Jacket. A quilted jacket consists of two layers of material with an insulating “stuffing” in between them. Quilted jackets are easily identified by their trademark stitchings, forming patterns.

One of the most iconic quilted jackets of all time, the Husky, is no longer made, though Lavenham makes a “tribute” one, somewhat resembling the Husky. In the meantime, Barbour has pretty much become THE brand for quilted jackets, and waxed jackets as well. I love Barbour for the quality, what it makes me think of, and the round, zipper handle.That being said, Barbour is English, and though the English cut is far better than American, certain parts are not what I like. What do I like? Italian cuts are always better. Barbour sleeves can be too wide and the hole from which the hand exits leaves too much space around the wrist and looks and feels stupid.

Italians took a huge liking to quilted jackets and, let’s be honest, Italians always do it better. They even make high-end, multi-thousand dollar quilted jackets (see Loro Piana). A classic Italian quilted jacket is like no other. The fit and the cut (because it’s all about the fit and cut) of an Italian one visibly sets it apart from its English counterpart.

Some quilted jackets can be used for different purposes. For instance, I use an orange quilted jacket (that is reversible–brown on the other side) that comes with a hood for a more sporty look and even looks good in sweats. It’s one of my favorite go-to jackets but I also made sure to get a Classic, more “dressy” quilted jacket, which is necessary and should never be worn with anything less than jeans. Too many times, I see American men, waking up on Saturdays from getting trashed Friday night, with a Classic quilted jacket on, matched with Tracksuit pants and flip flops. SERIOUSLY….What the fuck is wrong with you people? OH, and they also have a 72 ounce Starbucks coffee in their hands.

I know I am late with this post about Quilted jackets and the weather is freezing but it’s an important post.

The jacket I am wearing in the 3 photos is from Italy. First, the camera made some effect, by accident, and it looks like there is a ghost spider in the shot. Second, the lighting makes my skin look like Dracula and I don’t know why. The photos are not the most flattering but they do show good shots of the Italian quilted jacket. When purchasing this in Naples earlier this year, the clerk was mentioning how people (at least those who know and pay attention) will flip out when they see how nice the top part of the collar is, with its suede material. This jacket is cut almost like a blazer but still looks like a jacket. That is versaitily. When going for a classic looking quilted jacket, I believe buttons are essential. While a zipper is great, it can be too sporty and if you are looking to wear a quilted jacket with jeans, corduroys, or slacks etc, then it can come with a zipper, but would be better if it also comes with a flap that goes OVER the zipper and is closed with buttons.

The quilted jacket is a fail-proof item that should be added to your Spring and Fall wardrobe.





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