Sex In Music

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If you have to add sexy anything to your music, especially through visual media like videos, then that proves you have no true musical talents, whatever you may have is not sufficient, and you need to sell (“selling” is a mistake right there) accessories to your “music” to make it worth considering. I was just informed of Nicki Minaj’s (who I just heard of her last year, btw, and Thank GOD it was that late!) video about asses or something and she says “Fuck those skinny bitches. Fuck those skinny bitches in the club. I wanna see all the big fat ass bitches in the motherfucking club. Fuck you if you skinny, bitches. What? Yeah !”

Now, ask anybody, I am an expert in big asses, but what message does that send to little girls who may not have big asses? WHAT IF we made videos saying, “If you can’t pass a fucking IQ test, fuck you” ???? I bet that would depress the shit out of nicki minaj, miley cyrus, justin bieber, beyonce, and all these other pussy, clown, corporate, fake, wanna-be “artists” who wouldn’t get a job mopping a floor if they weren’t marketed by some firm the way they were. All we get from music is how to STAY addicted to something…ANYTHING. I am sure if Jimi Hendrix were alive today, he would go BACK to the grave and take his REAL music with him. “Sign of the times, and we’re acting like we’re fucking blind”. That last line is a lyric of mine from almost 15 years ago…how true it was and is…

EXTRA: Nowadays, everything is a re-make or deeply influenced by an original REAL song. It gets huge airplay but too bad none of the schmucks who like them know or care to find out the origins. And yes, after googling this nonsense song I stay away from, I am aware that Nicki Minaj’s “work” is being called “cheeky genius” …..Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get the double meaning. It’s still commerical and a waste of time. I don’t get shocked, if that’s what you’re trying to do. I grew up on Al Goldtsein when it was still Channel J and though considered “vulgar”, he was actually viewed as Intelligent, which he was. Oh, I also miss getting offered sex and crack as a 10 year old. Yeah, I don’t shock easily. So come with real music; asses are for other purposes.

EXTRA PART 2: Not to judge, because she is a pretty girl, she is making money and good for her, but her ass is ok….it’s just that…OK. There are way better.

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