Politically Incorrect? Not for Show Time!

Everyone wants to be in front of a camera. They want fame and they want it now because they feel they need the world to see how special they really are. Yes, we are all special in God’s eyes, but this is something different. In this new age of “me, me, me”, social media is the perfect avenue to get out there and tell people just how fantastic you are and the world should know. But as Chris Rock said about meeting people for the first time, you are not meeting them, but their represenattives. You have to lie to get people to like you. He’s right. I feel most people lie because they have certain feelings inside that they know won’t go over well in the outside world, in public.

When people get in front of the public, they want to put their best face forward
They have subconsciously, and sometimes consciously, rehearsed their best “act” over and over. Political correctness has a stranglehold on our culture, on our minds, our hearts, and our souls. It has went way beyond its original, and already sick an twisted, purpose. Growing up in New York when it was REAL New York, NO ONE was politically correct. But what would today seem like in your face, brash, and harsh viewpoints were not only spoken out loud back then, but allowed people to be who they really were. People were REAL back then. Now, you can be talking to me face to face, but you could be hiding the fact that you hate me for my being a bald Guinea. Some of my best friends growing up were people who were convinced my family was part of some Mafia underworld. It was upfront and that honesty is very much appreciated. From honesty you get loyalty. You cannot get that with political correctness because NO one will tell you how they really feel.

That’s why most people get in front of the camera and act SO “open minded”. REALLY? There are that many open minded people in the world ALL OF A SUDDEN? It just happened to coincide with a time when our lives are lived out publicly, and willingly in public? Speaking of open minded, I consider myself extremely open minded. Almost every friend I have disagrees with me on 90% of my beliefs. I am SO open minded, in fact, that I am even open minded to the idea that maybe being “closed minded” may be right.


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