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Please note the first word and my added emphasis by capitalizing it : SOME. Some parents, not all, love to tell everyone else to have kids. There are many good reasons to have kids and I agree with many, most notably, children can be positively life changing and beautiful. They can give you either a deeper meaning of Life or a meaning to begin with, for those who never had one. For those that never had a meaning, or at least not a profound one, this article is for YOU.

Many people piss their lives away by not only destroying themselves but destroying others and the relationships which once bonded them together. These selfish people CAN actually make great parents, as I wrote about last year here

I am all for parents wanting others, especially friends and fellow loved ones, to share in what the parents view to be wonderful, but sometimes there are other reasons behind the desires and intentions. Many people, too late in Life, experience the “revelation” of doing good for others and NOT themselves and see this as great news that should be shared. But what if people, like myself, ALREADY spent their whole lives (and money) helping others and animals and all living creaures? People like us do not NEED children to serve as a revelation and reason to be better and “understand” what “life is all about”.

To borrow a phrase my father always uses for johnny-come-latelys, “they just discovered hot water”.

Also, most of these people who just discovered what “life is all about” usually never have their own businesses. These are the same people who LOVE to be shocked at actually having real responsibilities. But when you own your own business, like I do, every customer, every employee, …man, every item of inventory, is like a child. I sell wine, but I also have to be a plumber, electrician, lawyer, security guard, janitor, guidance counselor, and on and on. Raising a child is very hard, but it must be really shocking to someone who never had multiple things to do at once and the results were all on THEM, like the owners of a small business.

This also brings me to another topic : Licensing. In the new world (order), especially in the United States, you need a license for everything. Want to fart? You need a license. So why don’t we force people to have licenses to have children? If you notice, almost all the wrong people have kids…many of them…usually with multiple partners. And they rarely take care of them. And if they do, they are TERRIBLE parents. Not only is that bad enough, but the world becomes hard for the parents who are good and do raise their children in positive ways. These well-raised children will have to suffer by being outnumbered by the hordes of people who are dumber than they and have evil their hearts.

And the cycle continues.

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