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There will be a series of articles I will write about Capitalism that right the wrong ideas of it. True Capitalism is Free Markets. But that’s for another discussion/article. In Italy, the 20 regions never got along too well. Some do; most don’t. Most of the South and most of the North never liked each other.This problem is quite common in many countries, but in Italy, it caused a huge division. The reasons were/are many : racial, economic, social, governments, politics etc.

The poorer South saw most of her inhabitants emigrate to other countries, mostly ” l’America “, for a better Life. It was in these countries, especially the United States, Southern Italians helped build a better country and introduced non-Italians to the wonders of Italians Culture.

In the process of doing so, many Southern Italians became successful entrepreneurs. Many opened up businesses, especially restaurants, and ended up employing the children of some Northerners who posibly hated the Southerners in the past. What irony!!!

Southern Italians had to flee the once feudal, then mafia controlled, then socialistic system of Italy and still mafia controlled, to find Freedom and Private Property in the United States to correct the wrongs back home.

Side Note : This country (USA) is strangling itself with the same nonsene Italy has done since forever.

Side Note 2 : I also always predicted, and now it’s happening, that many of the immigrants like Mexiacns and Indians and Chinese who break their asses to make it here in the USA will have American born citizens, who had it too good, work for them, the once poor immigrants, now turned successful. What Irony !

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