Alone for 40 Days



Alone for 40 Days

I often attempt, and usually fail, to get it through to my overly-social wife that people need alone time and that being around others too much can take away from much needed solitude. I do tend to have a very loquacious nature ( my moon is in Gemini ) and I do it with intensity ( I am a Scorpio ) but I am very moody ( rising Cancer ), so I am not always up to talk. Even when I do talk, it has to be with the right people….OPEN MINDED people.

I have been always obsessed with Death and Life (trademark characteristcis of a Scorpio) and have been researching and studying a lot about Near Death Experiences. Those who die and come back tell us and warn us of many things. One thing is to be VERY careful about what we listen to on the radio or TV and around us. Evil exists on a “low frequency”. Love and all that bonds us and makes us whole is on a “High Frequency”.

To attain this knowledge and have it sink in means you need alone time, peace and quiet, and (like therapy) need to re-apply the lessons learned. It is impossible to grow if you do one thing and one thing only. We grow when in contact with each other BUT only by bringing in what we learned on our adventures by ourselves. Jesus spent 40 days in the Desert. Those weeks served to embolden His Message. The Pope (Francis) talks about the absolute need and urgency of alone time, spent praying and meditating. Even if you do not believe in Christianity, it is a no-brainer to see that these two Guys were and are on to something.

Logistically, it becomes impossible and not practial to get anything of substance done when there are more people added to the mix. One reason is that people all have different desires and are coming from different points of views and with current feelings. Not every one is on the same page…or Frequency. This is why big groups can function ONLY if we ALL spend alone time, our own “40 Days”, with ourselves. This is the only way to expand and grow. My site Piazza Life has a “slogan” : Share, Build, and Grow. The only way to do this is to spend time alone, growing, so you build something, then bring it to the table where there are others to share. THEN, the sharing and building and growing EXPLODE exponentially. That frequency would get us closer to the Divine, and closer to who we are and are meant to be. And it would make us more empathetic. With all the clutter cleared from our own minds, we would be able to appreciate (in the TRUE sense of the word) each other and have real, deep, and meaningful connections.


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