Why Teenagers Are Arrogant

“They can be like adults without real consequences and responsibilities.”

I am always amazed when I hear teenagers talk. Part of it is beautiful because it is innocent and seeing them live in the fantasy world they are in not only takes me back to that time, but gives me a quick rush of that youthful feeling I so miss.  Teenagers, especially aggressive and ignorant boys in the high stages of post-puberty, say the dumbest things based on unbelievably ignorant presuppositions.  I hear the kids of today say the same things (but worse and more entitled) that so many of my friends during my teenage years littered out of their mouths.
EVERYone of these teenagers today talks about how they will be the next Bill Gates. But not for actually creating something of value. NO NO NO. At best, it will be an app or something useless. I cannot count the number of kids who get stressed out with their future careers and lives they are only imaging and have YET to live out. Teenagers usually talk about how they will make millions when they grow up. Then, after some (hopefully) reality slapping them in the face, they tone it down, but only somewhat. I have even heard teenagers say, “You know what? I’ll just make 250k and I’ll be happy with that.”  HAHAHA Oh really??? Time will be a brutal club to beat you into reality. And what is it with the SETTLING for 250k, as if they “deserve” more but will just be ok with that sum, that only maybe 1% makes? Where does this arrogance come from?
Teenagers are arrogant because most have no responsbiltues. They are at stage where everything is new. They should be forgiven most of their actions but some parents should start acting like adults and scold their teenage boys for hooking up with girls and spreading rumors that she is a “whore” and their teenage daughters for actually being whores. It’s a free for all for teenagers. They can be like adults without real consequences and responsibilities. That’s why they roam around their High School Hallways and have “locker-room” humor and hurt people’s feelings and do (sometimes) really messed up things. I always found that the high school kids who had a job (yours truly) were always more well-grounded. Ronald Reagan had his son work at a gas station. Nowadays, the kids will only work at the gas station only to tell the boss how to run the place, but also ask for a raise in 3 months and ownership of the company in 1 year.


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