The Color Purple



So far this year, a few schmucks told me, of all people…and while I was wearing a very old purple item, mind you…that purple is “the new color of the year”. Wow. If I were dumb, I wouldn’t be smart enough to kill myself. I am glad there is ZERO appreciation for what’s beautiful, but just a classification of what’s acceptable by GOD knows who !!! Once, I start seeing something paraded around and prostituted, I instinctually get sick and tired of it. It’s a shame someone can’t just pick something up and value it for what it is or he or she is. The world of fashion is a perfect example where this disposable (dare I call it?) “art” thrives the most. The sheep will take years to catch up with something…and when they do, they will beat it to the ground. Then, especially among women, absolutely hate others 2 years later for “still” wearing “it”. Remember the furry Ugg boots women walked around in, with their sloppy pajamas and extra large coffees as they did their walks of shame? Really, these types of people just hate themselves but cannot bring their hearts and “minds” to the point where they realize they are dumb for following a trend (which usually sucks) and are actually ADDICTED to the cycle, just like a drug addict. Instead, why don’t we APPRECIATE what’s beautiful and NOT have to classify everything that is approved by some imaginary governing body of “cool”. Life is about appreciating what’s great and just doing it. Not over-analzying the “impact” some people are so desperately trying to make when they finally have the courage to pick up …say…a pink men’s shirt, which up until a few years ago was considered “gay (whatever that means).


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