Spring Fragrances 2014 By Maximilian Heusler

Piazza Life Spring Fragrances 2014

Not everyone thinks about the way that they smell; ride on any New York subway for more than one minute, and this will become alarmingly apparent. A man’s fragrance is an affordable luxury that no true gentleman should be glossing over. Owning the best of almost everything is more often than not extremely expensive. Want to collect watches? You better either be a German CEO, an NBA player, or a remarkably good cocaine dealer. Have to dream to own the best cars in the world? Wake up and smell the oud. How about suits? Well, it’s possible, but five of the best made suits in the world will usually cost you about $30,000 and that’s just for Brioni; get the word Kiton out of your mind. Owning five of the best fragrances in the world, one for each season, and one for all occassions can be done for under $1,000. And if you really think that smelling good isn’t important, I cannot help you. Return to your trash can and say hello to Oscar.

My Name is Maximilian Heusler, I have a channel on Youtube called Maximilian Must Know on which I review fragrances and men’s grooming products. I have well over 50,000 views and 1,000 subscribers, I will be writing quarterly columns for Piazza Life, recommending scents that are weather appropriate. I will also be writing future articles and men’s fashion and grooming but that is for a different day. Today let’s look at some scents that will make the woman or women (you devil you!) in your life no more than putty in your hands.

Spring and Fall are probably my two favorite seasons for flossing great fragrances. There are usually no extremes in temperture (or at least there are not supposed to be), so many different kinds of fragrances will work. Today will look at some of the best spring fragrances in my collection and I’ll offer you selections that will fit every style and budget.


Acqua Di Parma’s Colonia Intensa Oud ( 100ml $180 www.saks.com)Acqua Di Parma is an artisan Italian house that has been around for almost one hundred years. They do citrus and fruity scents about as well as anyone. Colonia Intensa Oud is one of their newest releases and perfect for warmer weather. Oud is a highly precious resin that forms in specific types of trees when the wood becomes infected by mold. The oud scented wood has been prized and used for hundreds of years in the Middle East and Asia for relgious ceremonies, aromatherapy, and personal fragrance. In it’s most nautral form, oud is highly expensive and therefore often synthetically mimicked. It is potent, medicinal, and can be off-putting if not used correctly by the perfumuer. In this composition, Acqua Di Parma combines oud with citruses, Russian coriander, woods, musk, and leather. The final blend is probably the cleanest smelling fragrance that I have ever come across and one of the few scents that could work just as easily in the office as out for a Sunday stroll. It is crafted with impeccable quality and a couple of sprays in the morning should last you around ten hours. (Best for: work, dinner, dates etc)



Green Irish Tweed by Creed ( 120ml $330 www.creed.com) – Creed is one of the oldest French perfume houses in the world, dating back to the 1700′s. They are revered for making scents for royalty, politicians, and celeberties. Some of the men that have worn Creed fragrances include John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, and Cary Grant. Green Irish Tweed is their best all time selling men’s fragrance. It was created to evoke the experience of taking a relaxing walk through the Irish countryside. Green Irish Tweed is of the most invigorating fragrances ever composed and relies on French verbena, violet leaves, and Florentine iris for it’s remarkable freshness. There have been many Green Irish Tweed imitators, the most famous being Cool Water by Davidoff, but nothing compares to the original Creed creation. Mark my words, in a hundred years, masters of the universe will continue wearing Green Irish Tweed in the Springtime. (Best for : lunch with friends, nights out etc)


Uden by Xerjoff (50ml $260 www.luckyscent.com) – Xerjoff is a tiny niche house started by a gentleman obsessed with the concept of luxury, Sergio Momo from Turin, Italy. Perfumes from Xerjoff are coveted around the world by connisseurs for their picture perfect citrus notes. There is virtually no alcohol odor when you spray a Xerjoff fragrance on your skin; you will only smell what the perfumeur intended. Uden is a typical marine scent at the top with atypical notes in the middle and base. Imagine a beautfiully fresh grapefruit and lemon fragrance, backed up by notes of rum, coffee, rose, and vanilla. Women love men who smell fresh and clean, but unfortunately “clean” fragrances usually disappear in a few hours, if that. Xerjoff only uses the best ingredients available, therefore when you spray it on in the morning, it should last you through the day and night. This is pricey stuff, so I’d recommend wearing it when you really want to impress. (Best for : black tie events, dates, dinners at five-star restaurants, yachting etc)
Pour Homme II by Gucci (100ml $80 at Sephora) – Believe it or not, Gucci used to be a house that produced high quality fragrances. I’m sure some of you might remember their older gems like Rush, Pour Homme I, and Envy. Pour Homme II is a beauty that far too many people sleep on. This fragrance opens up with violet and bergamot, but it is the heart notes of chili pepper, pimento berry, cinnamon, and black tea that really steal the show. This is one of the best designer scents on the market and will snap necks on a cool, Spring evening. Unfortunately, there are rumors that Pour Homme II will eventually be discontinued, so grab it now. And thank me later (Best for: hanging out, work, school, running errands etc)
Oxford and Cambridge by Czech and Speake (100ml $120 www.royalshave.com)– Czech and Speake is a rather obscure English brand that is best known for making high-end bathroom fixtures. They also happen to produce extremely high quality fragrances at fair price points. Oxford & Cambridge is for the dandy. Worn best with a well tailored suit and a carefree attitude, O&C marries two different types of lavender to fresh rosemary and peppermint leaves. This combination results in a brilliant fragrance for Spring and one that very few people in the U.S. own. Apply this on a cool day or evening and you’ll be ten steps ahead of the crowd. You’ll also want to check out Cuba, Citrus Paridisi, and Vetiver by Czech and Speake; they are each unique and are all of only the highest quality. (Best for: dressing up, the opera, going to the museum, after dinner brandy and cigars etc)



(Bonus Cheapie Scent For Ballers On A Budget)

Acqua Colonia by Alvarez Gomez (100ml $28 www.amazon.com) – Spain has given us so much to be thankful for: Paella, Rioja, Penelope Cruz, and Acqua Colonia. We don’t normally think of cologne when we think of Spain, but this absolute classic EDC has been in production since 1912. This smells of nothing more than a beautiful and bright country morning. It’s invigorating, refreshing, and contains perhaps the best opening citrus notes that I have ever experienced in a fragrance at this price point. Add in florals like geranium and lily of the valley along with spices like lavender and clove, and you’ve got something that smells way more expensive than the $30 or so that this one will cost you. (Best for: hanging out around the house, going to the gym, playing basketball, golfing etc)






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