Interview of the Week : Andrea Careri



Sometimes, you could learn a lot from something or someone totally opposite from you. I often ask certain people for advice or opinions that I know would probably differ from mine just to get an outside view. I am a very impatient person. Andrea Careri is not. He does not react reflexively and, in fact ,calmy Continue reading


Alone for 40 Days



Alone for 40 Days

I often attempt, and usually fail, to get it through to my overly-social wife that people need alone time and that being around others too much can take away from much needed solitude. I do tend to have a very loquacious nature ( my moon is in Gemini ) and I do Continue reading


My Doni Tondo, Dinner at Felidia, And Tons of Coincidences


Life is bizarre and full of pain. Sometimes you get what you always dreamed of, probably because you have envisioned it for years and have played it over and over in your head. I wanted a wife from Italy, believing the best come from Naples and also Salerno. Would you believe I found one that is born and raised EXACTLY IN BETWEEN BOTH Napoli and Salerno??? There are so many other things that I had to wait long and hard for, and some I have yet to get…and may never get.

Michelangelo’s Doni Tondo is a painting which has haunted me my whole Life. When I finally got to Florence in the Continue reading


White Wine From Red Grapes

One of the most simple things about wine is somehow one of the most confusing. Here’s the thing : You can make white wine from red grapes. Sounds bizarre but it actually makes complete sense when you know a few basics. When you squeeze a red grape, that juice that comes out of it is clear, or maybe very pale yellow, just like the juice from a white grape. It is only after that juice is kept in contact with the skins and pulp of the red grapes that it gets darker in color and becomes red wine. If there is very minimal or no contact with the skins, then the juice will turn into white wine. In Champagne, the term “blanc de noir” is often used to indicate that the wine is “white from black”, white wine from red grapes.

Making white wine from red grapes can be very interesting, as you get certain floral notes and flavors that you otherwise might not get from just a white grape. In Champagne, rose’ wines are made by either blending white wine and red wine together ( one of the few places that allows blending of red and white wines ) OR made the same way rose wines are made. How are rose’ wines made? Remember that the juice that comes out of a red grape is clear and it is only after that juice is kept in contact with the skins and pulp of the grape that it gets darker in color and becomes red wine. So, instead of letting a wine stay too long with the skins, the white juice from the red grapes is kept for maybe only a few hours or one day, allowing the wine to become pink, instead of a fuller red. The rose’ wines are served chilled like white wine. I have very Italian looking features.


Interview of the Week : Mike Colicchio



Social Media is weird. You can get to know someone without ever meeting that person face to face. And you end up “meeting” them online but sometimes will end up forgetting how you guys met and through which mutual friend. But when that person is Mike Colicchio, who cares how you met? The daily posts of his Continue reading


Politically Incorrect? Not for Show Time!

Everyone wants to be in front of a camera. They want fame and they want it now because they feel they need the world to see how special they really are. Yes, we are all special in God’s eyes, but this is something different. In this new age of “me, me, me”, social media is the perfect avenue to Continue reading