Le Zeppole Di San Giuseppe, Happy Father’s Day


This Article on Le Zeppole di San Giuseppe is broken down into two parts, the first detailing the Pastry and the second detailing the actual Meaning of the Day.

During the Middle Ages, there was drought and famine in Sicily. Praying to their Patron Saint Joseph, Sicilians begged for rain and promised a bountiful feast if they were rewarded with water. After their prayers were answered, the feast was Continue reading


Can You Hear Me Now?

…… As I was saying. It’s hard to put a muzzle on my mouth. And tie my hands. It’s how I communicate. How do you shut up an Italian? Tie his hands behind his back. It’s been about year and a half that I have been away from writing. I lost my best friend who was by my side for a quarter of a Century. I was broken to pieces. I learned a lot and still know very little. Hopefully, Life will be a little more kind to me so I can write to you. Get ready. Because when Scorpios hit back, it’s harder than ever. Stay tuned.